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Beli suplemen rambut, kulit dan kuku dengan Penjagaan Sihat. Kami menyediakan produk buatan Australia yang membolehkan anda dan keluarga anda memupuk kesihatan yang baik.




Hair, Skin and Nails

Our range of hair, skin and nails supplements at Healthy Care have been designed with natural vitamins and minerals, and collagen to help promote collagen production for longer thicker hair, strong nails and healthy skin. 

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Disusun mengikut
Healthy Care Beauty Collagen Elixir Shots 5,000mg 25mL x 7 bottles-Vitamins & SupplementsHealthy Care Beauty Collagen Elixir Shots 5,000mg 25mL x 7 bottles (Label)-Vitamins & Supplements
Penjagaan Sihat Super Rambut, Kulit & Kuku 100 KapsulPenjagaan Sihat Super Rambut, Kulit & Kuku 100 Kapsul
Healthy Care Beauty Collagen Powder 120g-Vitamins & Supplements-Healthy Care AustraliaBeauty Collagen Powder 120g (Manufacturer and Barcode)-Healthy Care Australia
Beauty Collagen 60 Tablets-Vitamins & Supplements-Healthy Care AustraliaBarcode and Manufacturer Beauty Collagen 60 Tablets-Vitamins & Supplements-Healthy Care Australia
Probiotik Kolagen Kecantikan 120gProbiotik Kolagen Kecantikan 120g
Healthy Care Beauty Collagen Sleep 60 TabletHealthy Care Beauty Collagen Sleep 60 Tablet
Beauty Collagen Antiox-14 PLUS Shots 25mL x 7 PekBeauty Collagen Antiox-14 PLUS Shots 25mL x 7 Pek

Why Beauty Collagen?

Collagen makes up the major building blocks when it comes to building, supporting and maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails.

  • Taking collagen for hair may support the body in hair production by creating keratin, the protein behind hair follicles, for longer thicker tresses
  • Collagen supplements for skin helps keep the skin firm, bouncy and hydrated
  • Collagen for nails helps your body grow your nails

With uses spanning far and wide, that is why Healthy Care has included a line of beauty collagen across all our hair and nail vitamins, and skin supplements. 

Vitamins for Hair Growth

Our hair supplements are packed with the growth vitamins needed to attain shiny, healthy hair. Vitamins such as biotin, Vitamin C, zinc and collagen found in our range of hair growth supplements online have shown supporting research to help maintain healthy hair and enhance hair growth to counter thinning hair or hair loss. 

*If symptoms persist, seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

Vitamins and minerals can only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.

Supplements for Supple Skin 

With high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants, Healthy Care Beauty Collagen Antiox-14 PLUS Shots pack a punch against oxidative stress and free radicals. Aiding for some help with elasticity and moisture, for glowing skin.   

Stronger & Shinier Nails

Our Super Hair, Skin and Nails capsules are also responsible for supporting the maintenance and development of strong healthy nails. When there is not enough vitamins or collagen in the body, nails can get weak, brittle, and develop unsmooth ridges. Besides being undesirable and attractive they can become a pain, as we need our nails to protect our fingers and our toes. Strong nails also help support the function and movement of our digits in work. 

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