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Our oral care range is formulated to improve and maintain oral hygiene with active ingredients to protect sensitive areas of the teeth. Visit us online today!




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Shop health supplements and vitamins online with Healthy Care. We provide Australian-made products that enable you and your family to nurture good health.

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Sensitive Propolis Toothpaste-Healthy Care AustraliaSensitive Propolis Toothpaste (in box packaging)-Healthy Care Australia
Healthy Care Sensitive Propolis Toothpaste
Sale price$7.77 Regular price$8.63
Save $0.78
Propolis Toothpaste 120g-Toothpaste-Healthy Care AustraliaPropolis Toothpaste 120g Tube-Toothpaste-Healthy Care Australia
Healthy Care Propolis Toothpaste 120g
Sale price$7.01 Regular price$7.79
Save $0.66
Whitening Propolis Toothpaste 120g Packaging-Healthy Care AustraliaWhitening Propolis Toothpaste 120g Label-Healthy Care Australia
Healthy Care Whitening Propolis Toothpaste
Sale price$5.93 Regular price$6.59
Save $1.14
Propolis Fresh Breath Spray 20mL-Breath Spray-Healthy Care AustraliaPropolis Fresh Breath Spray 20mL (Back of Box Packaging)-Breath Spray-Healthy Care Australia
Healthy Care Propolis Fresh Breath Spray 20mL
Sale price$10.25 Regular price$11.39
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Natural Kids Toothpaste Raspberry Flavour 50g-Toothpaste-Healthy Care Australia
Sold out
Natural Kids Toothpaste Banana Flavour 50g-Toothpaste-Healthy Care Australia
Sold out
Charcoal Propolis Toothpaste (Helps prevent plaque build-up and tartar deposits)-Healthy Care AustraliaCharcoal Propolis Toothpaste (whiten and protect teeth from stains)-Healthy Care Australia
Healthy Care Charcoal Propolis Toothpaste
Sale price$5.39 Regular price$5.99
Sold out
Natural Kids Toothpaste Blackcurrant Flavour 50g-Toothpaste-Healthy Care Australia

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