Help fight the cold and flu with Healthy Care's Cold & Flu Supplements


通过 Healthy Care 购买感冒和流感补充剂和维生素。我们提供澳大利亚制造的产品,让您和您的家人保持健康。




Colds & Flus

No one’s a fan of colds or flus, now more than ever. Healthy Care has supplements and vitamins for cold and flu online which may help sufferers relieve or reduce the severity of symptoms. 

Our natural high quality immune boosting vitamins is the added ammo you need to take with you into the cold and flu season.

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高浓度大蒜油 5000 150粒高浓度大蒜油 5000 150粒
高浓度大蒜油 5000 150粒
超级赖氨酸唇疱疹缓解 100 片超级赖氨酸唇疱疹缓解 100 片
Healthy Care 维生素 C 500 毫克咀嚼片 - 300 粒Manufacturer and Barcode of Vitamin C 500mg 300 Tablets-Healthy Care Australia
Healthy Care 橄榄叶 3000 - 100 粒胶囊Healthy Care 橄榄叶 3000 - 100 粒胶囊
维生素 C 500 毫克咀嚼片 500 片维生素 C 500 毫克咀嚼片 500 片
免疫防御 120 片免疫防御 120 片
免疫防御 120 片
橄榄叶提取物梨味 500mL橄榄叶提取物梨味 500mL
橄榄叶提取物梨味 500mL
维生素 C 250 毫克 150 片维生素 C 250 毫克 150 片
维生素 C 250 毫克 150 片

Support and Defence Against the Common Cold

Healthy Care’s range of cold and flu supplements online cover the following.

High Strength Garlic Oil: In western medicine, it has long been used as a home remedy to help relieve mild upper respiratory tract congestion and relieve the symptoms of the common cold. Studies have shown that garlic has great properties that help maintain and support the immune system.

Vitamin C Supplements: Studies showing fruits and vegetables high in vitamin c may help support the immune system during a common cold or flu have made the vitamin a go-to in the home when anyone gets sick. Besides drinking orange juice, taking Vitamin C supplements may be used to help decrease or relieve symptoms. It’s also great for overall wellness, with free radical defence and supporting a healthy immune system.

Olive Leaf Extract: A key herb traditionally used to help reduce fever, bronchial mucus congestion, coughs, and relieve symptoms of a sore throat. Olive leaf can also be used to help promote general health and wellbeing in the body, as well as to support the immune system.

Immune Defence: Our Immune Defence has echinacea, olive leaf extract, vitamin C, and zinc acetate to help enhance general health and wellbeing and support immune system function. Additionally, it may help relieve symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infections and reduce cold symptoms.

If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

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